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Friday Finds: Fresh Finds

I loved each of these items when I saw them and absolutely wanted to share them. Enjoy!

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What NOT To Do When Selling Online: Part 2

I’ve touched on this subject before in What Not To Do When Selling Online but I just see so many instances in online sales where a seller just… fell flat. Didn’t hit the mark. Failed to close the deal. Left the customer high and dry. The awful cliches can go on forever but the bottom […]

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Good Picture, Bad Picture: The Art of Good Online Photos

This is a bad picture. I should know, I took it myself. And I used it on my Etsy store and wondered why I wasn’t getting any views on my stuff. True story. Why is it bad? I’m pretty sure it’s obvious. The photo is way to dark and you can’t see any details of […]

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What NOT To Do When Selling Online

I had a bad experience with a seller online recently and it got me thinking about all the things one shouldn’t do when selling online. Some of these things should be no brainers (I hope!) but others you may not have thought about. Let’s talk about What Not To Do When Selling Online.   1) […]

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How To Thursday: How To Price Your Shipping in Your Online Store

You’re excited. You’ve made a bunch of really great products people will love, you’ve opened your online store, you’ve set up your policies and written your biography. You’re about to list your first item when you see it – shipping costs. Wait. What? I have to set a price for my shipping? What do you […]

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