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How Tuesday – Mini (Fake) Terrariums

Let’s make something fun!

We’re making mini fake terrariums (fake because there are no living plants in these ones). They’re super simple to make and can be made in any size with almost any supplies you have around the house.

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Mine includes shells, rocks (leftover gem chips work wonderfully), beads, gears, keys, moss, dried plants, a bit of felt roving, and buttons. Oh, and the container of course. I’m using a small (0.5″x 1.5″) glass jar, but you can use any size you wish.


Tiny paraphernalia used to fill the jars. Use leftovers from old craft projects or things you find around the house.


Dried flowers and moss. No living plants to maintain (kill) here!


Tiny jar.

Step 2. Start filling the jar or container.

Pretty simple. Just start dropping in our found objects. You can fill it as full as you like, it’s all about what’s visually appealing to you.


I start with the rock chips.


Added different colours of chip beads and some shells.


About 1/3 full.

Step 3. Add the moss.

Or whatever dried flower bits you want.


The moss is very forgiving, just bounces right back into shape.



Step 4. Glue the cork.

Gluing in the cork will keep your terrarium from spilling open at inopportune moments. A little super glue or a shot from the glue gun around the top will keep the cork firmly in place. An added bonus of gluing the cork in place – you can then turn the mini terrarium into a component on another project. Maybe a necklace or ornament?


You can fill these terrariums with whatever you like. The sky is the limit with this project!

There is no right or wrong with this project. You can fill your terrarium as full as you like, or make it super minimal for a clean look. You can make buried treasure out of this or even a message in a bottle.

It’s up to you.

Supply List.
Glass jar or container.
Gem chip beads.
Sparkly things.
Found ojects such as clock bits, gears, old keys, scraps of photographs, etc.
Dried plants.
Dried moss.

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