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Indiegogo Campaign for Make It Happen Documentary

As you may know already, Jenna Herbut of Make It Edmonton and Make It University and her partner, Neil Mangan, are working on a documentary called Make It Happen which is about people who have quit their day jobs to pursue their dreams of selling what they make. They are off to a great start already, having already started the interviewing process, but need some help.

To make this documentary possible, they have launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign where people can contribute and in return, pre-order the documentary as well as receive  handmade perks. Right now they are about halfway to the goal and have just under a week left. So far they have raised  $8,500 and the handmade community has been super supportive.

 If you’re wanting to contribute or see what it’s all about, check out these links:
Twitter: @makeithappendoc #makeithappendoc



Attracted to shiny things, hence my fascination with making jewellery, I also make fun things involving dinosaur buttons and felt. Mad organizational skills in the office that never quite seem to transition to the home front, but what is life without a little chaos?

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