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Eden’s Market on 124th

We are opening a new market on Sunday starting June 2nd running until October 6, 2013.  I would like to offer you an opportunity to be in our market.  Please see attached application.

Why are we starting a Sunday market?

About a year and half ago, as Canada and US was weathering the effects of the current economic woes of the world, my daughter and I were driving around Edmonton on one of our little mother daughter errands, my daughter, Eden started to tell me about a documentary she saw. At the time she didn’t know the documentary was about the situation in the US which was more dire than ours. The documentary was about child poverty. It shows children living out of the family’s car. These children slept, ate, did their homework and passed their lives in these cars. They could not discuss their family with kids at school, could not play or never dared to visit their friends’ home in fear that their friends might want to see their homes. These children shared the same shame their parents faced. Fear also kept the families silent because if the authorities found out, their family could be separated by social services. They could and would not be able to ask for the help they needed. For a child to see other children with so much pain is a disturbing experience. I told Eden that in Alberta we are faring much better than the US, however, child homelessness and poverty does exist in our city and surrounding areas. There are homeless or hurting families here too, just in our own backyards. There are children who do not have a home or have had to leave their homes for one dire reason or another. As we talked we both felt we wanted to help.

Two years ago, my husband and I were fortunate enough to invest in a property on 124th street which we hoped would support us and our family. We worked hard to bring in tenants to the mostly empty building and slowly the building is starting to become more vibrant. The parking lot though was always empty on the weekends. There was always a feeling of wasted resources whenever we saw the empty lot. So when this great wish to do something for our children and families began to burn in our hearts, we came up with marrying this need to help with our love of outdoor markets. The idea is simple; let’s have a market on the lot! We’d donate at least half of the net proceeds to YESS (then known as the Youth Emergency Shelter Society), now rebranded as Youth Empowerment and support services.

So with great hope we ask you to come help us with this goal. Please join our market; a portion of your fees will go towards YESS for our youth. Children are our life’s blood. They are our hearts, our hope and our future. When they hurt, we hurt.

YESS will be setting up an info and donation booth at our market to answer yours and the questions of our patrons.

From time to time we hope to also invite other such noble societies that will take up the cause of children and their families.

Our family look forward to seeing you at Eden’s Market on 124th.

Best regards.   We look forward to working with you at our market.



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